Award us thanks to Camden Inspire

Do you ever wonder how you can support your favouire local comic book store (aside getting youself some cool comics time to time)?

THIS is one of those opportunities!

From their website:

“Camden Inspire was initiated by Camden Town Unlimited & Euston Town in 2017. We want to shine a light on the local independent businesses whose every day jobs are to offer a unique service, attract new customers, and stand out from the crowd. It’s not easy, but what they do make our towns the special places they are.

Running your own business in 2018’s London means high rents and a hugely competitive market. But every day, these business owners continue to astound us with their commitment, innovation and fresh ideas. They are the reason we have buzzing high streets that serve both locals and tourists, and they put us on the map. Once a year, we aim to show our appreciation – and ask you to vote for the ones you love!”

Please, take just a moment of your time (and your friends too!) to vote for MEGA CITY COMICS, it only takes a minute and we would love to see how much we mean to you.


Thank You
Your staff at Mega City Comics


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