Marvel Knights Returns!

To celebrate 20 years since Marvel Knights changed the landscape of mainstream superhero comics, Marvel are revisiting the iconic line.

This re-visit will take the form of a 6 issues mini-series simply dubbed Marvel Knights. With acclaimed writer of the moment Donny Cates (Ghost Fleet, God Country, Venom, Baby Teeth, pretty much everything…) serving as a ‘showrunner’ (essentially he will ‘guide’ a team of writers) to a team including: Matthew Rosenberg, Tini Howard and Vita Ayala. Announced artists include Travel Foreman and Niko Henrichon.

Little is known about the story thus far, only that it will feature Daredevil, the Punisher, Black Panther and other characters investigating a mystery that “affects every hero and villain in the Marvel Universe.” Given the multiple writers and artists involved, it seems a safe bet that there will be different story strands by different teams that converge into one epic conclusion, but that’s a bit of a guess.

Covers for the series will come from Cosmic Ghost Rider artist Geoff Shaw, with Jae Lee providing variant covers for the run.


More information about what is being referred to as MK20 will be released shortly, according to Marvel. Though the Marvel Knights celebrations don’t stop there. Marvel will also be releasing new collected editions of all previous Marvel Knights content, for those of us too young to have enjoyed them first time round.


Let us know if you’d be interested in pre-ordering the series by emailing us at

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