SPIDER-GEDDON: The biggest Spidey event EVER!?

We all remember Spider-Verse: An epic Marvel storyline that saw billions of different versions of Spider-Man from different parallel worlds crash together in one epic tale! It featured previously established alternate Spideys (like Miles Morales) as well as new creations like the (now) popular Spider-Gwen.


Well it’s been 4 years and now it’s happening all over again, only this time there’s a more apocalyptic edge to proceedings. Co-writers Dan Slott and Christos Cage are working with artist Jorge Molina to brings us an earth-shaking epic that threatens to crumble the entire multi-verse. The Inheritors are finally free from the radioactive prison and it’s going to take an entire Spider-Army to take them down!

Peter Parker? Present!
Miles Morales? Present!
Spider-Woman? Present!
Spider-Gwen? Present!

It’s. Going. To. Be. HUGE!!!

The main bulk of the story will be told in a 5 part mini series, as well as an Issue 0 which focuses on the version of Spider-Man from the upcoming Playstaion 4 game!

(Left: Issue 0. Right: Issue 1)

You can subscribe to Issue 0 here and the main event here.

But this is a Marvel event, it’s never as simple as just 5 issues and a little Issue 0 is it? Oh no. There are spin offs. Oh BOY are there SPIN OFFS! Starting with Edge of Spider-Geddon: 

This is a fun 4 issue mini series. Each issue will be a 1 shot focusing on one of the crazy alternative versions of Spider-Man. Issue 1 has already been released, and focused on Spider-Punk.


Yep. Spider-PUNK… Why not? Missed out? Grab a copy here. 


And there are THREE more issues to come! The first re-introduces a fan-fave alt spidey that debuted in the original Spider-Verse.

Writer Gerard Way and artist Jake Wyatt created Peni Parker, a nine year old kid who wears a mech-suit with CPU based on the radioactive spider that bit Peter, fighting crime under the name SP//dr. (It’s Spider-Man meets Voltron!)

She was one of the big fan favourite alternative Spideys to be featured in the original Spider-Verse but has not been seen since. Well Issue 2 of Edge of Spider-Geddon, from Lonnie Nadler & Zac Thompson and artist Alberto Jimenez Albuquerque finally revisits Peni.



From writer/artist Jason Latour (artist of the incredible indie hit Southern Bastards and writer of mega-hit Spider-Verse spin off Spider-Gwen) Issue 3 introduces us to an all new, and sweet as heck, crime-fighting duo.

Discover a world where Peter Parker was bitten by the radioactive spider and becomes Spider-Man (all normal so far…) but Uncle Ben doesn’t die (okay…)

But when Uncle Ben is shot in a mugging a blood transfusion from Peter saves his life, but gives Uncle Ben spider powers in the process!

And in the final issue, from writer/artist Aaron Kuder, discover a very different world indeed: Peter was never bitten by the spider. Norman Osbourne was. He’s sued his powers to change the world for the better. But that may soon be threatened when his son Harry suits up as this universe’s version of Green Goblin.


You can subscribe to the whole series by clicking here.

But that’s not the end of the Spider-Geddon madness, OH NO, there’s STILL more. There’s not one, but TWO 3 issue mini series that spin out of the main action:

In Spider-Force (left) from writer Christopher Priest and artist Paulo Sequeira a team of Spiders must under-take a deadly side mission. And in Spider-Girls (right) May Parker (Peter and Mary-Jane’s teenage daughter from one parallel world) must team up with Anya Corazon (the Spider-Girl from the main universe) and Spiderling (Peter and Mary-Jane’s daughter from the Renew Your Vows universe) to save May’s little brother from The Inheritors…
Who said following comics was easy?

Click here to subscribe to Spider-Force and click here to subscribe to Spider-Girls.
And once again, click here for Edge of Spider-Geddon and here for Spider-Geddon, with issue 0 here.

But WAIT… yes… there is EVEN more!

First up (on the left) there’s a 2 part mini-series called Vault of Spiders. Both issues will be a collection of short stories, each one following YET ANOTHER alternate version of Spidey! You can subscribe to Vault of Spiders here.

And (on the right) ongoing series Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man will have 3 issues that tie into Spider-Geddon. You can subscribe to get just those 3 issues here.


ghost spider


And if THAT’S not enough (seriously, there’s more…) two ongoing series will spin out of the events of Spider-Geddon. The first is a re-brand of Spider-Gwen, with a new issue 1 and even a new name.

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider will continue to follow Gwen’s adventures from where the las issues left off, only now she’s calling herself Ghost Spider.

The first few issues will directly tie in to Spider-Geddon!

You can subscribe here. 




And the second new ongoing series?
Remember the Doctor Octopus version of Spidey from critically acclaimed series The Superior Spider-Man? Well he’s back. Only now he’s calling himself The Superior Octopus and he’s the star of his own series!

The first few issues will tie in directly to Spider-Geddon!

You can subscribe here.

And for a FULL list of everything connect to Spider-Geddon, just click here.

All the best,
Mega-City Comics


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