Logan is good at a lot of things. Kicking ass, drinking beer, saying the word ‘Bub’. But something he isn’t very good at is staying dead. After some significant build up, Wolverine is finally coming back from the dead.

RETURN OF WOLVERINE Issue 1 will be hitting our shelves in September.


Logan died way back in 2012 in the aptly titled DEATH OF WOLVERINESince then his role in the wider Marvel Universe has been taken over by not one, but TWO replacements. First up, his teenage female clone X23 has taken his place in the ongoing title ALL NEW WOLVERINE.  Secondly, and an older version of Logan from a parallel universe has also been rocking around the Marvel Universe in the pages of OLD MAN LOGAN, an ongoing spin off from the all-time classic that the film LOGAN is based on.

But the OG Wolvey will soon be back where he belongs, in our comic pages! His return has been a tense slow build with the first seeds planted in the 1-shot HUNT FOR WOLVERINE and continued in a vast plethora of mini series.

After RETURN OF WOLVERINE Logan will once again star in an ongoing series, so if that’s something you’d look to collect, RETURN OF WOLVERINE is a must-read before hand.

Email us at shop@megacitycomics.co.uk to purchase a copy in advance.

See you in store soon
Mega-City Comics


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